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Welcome to "Strategic Style".  Unlike most fashion blogs. it doesn’t spotlight how great I look in the hottest seasonal trends. I occasionally use my clothes as examples, but this blog isn’t about ME - or about trends either.

It’s about YOU, and classic design principles to determine wardrobe choices that showcase the fabulous things  about you.  Then you'll shop strategically, dress effortlessly and feel confident about your appearance no matter your lifestyle, age, size or budget.

It is the clothes’ responsibility to make YOU look good  -- not the other way around.  You'll look  best in clothes and accessories that have “points of connection” to you.  The more characteristics in common between you and your clothes, the more fabulous you'll look. Your stuff will look classier too, based on that repetition.

Things that connect with you also connect with one another, creating more mix-and-match than you ever imagined.  Shop less, spend less and feel great about how you look every day. Put wardrobe issues on the back burner and head out the door every day with confidence to play your special role in the world!   Welcome aboard!

Essential Undergarments

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Step 4 in our Instant Update series is: Opt for Better Underwear.  Your clothes can only look as good as the shape your undergarments create inside them.  Your first step may well be replacing a worn-out or ill-fitting bra with one that gives you the smooth, proportional, lifted look that makes the most of your figure.

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Melissa’s Makeover

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Melissa’s company hired me to update the image of their client-facing staff. She arrived that day in a too-long skirt, too-long sleeves and boxy shirt — all of which dragged her look downward — and drab colors that drained her bright coloring…

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