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Welcome to "Strategic Style".  It’s different from most fashion blogs.  It doesn’t feature pictures of how great I look in the hottest new trends for the season. Although I sometimes use my own wardrobe as an example, this blog isn’t really about ME at all.

It’s about YOU. It teaches how classic design principles can guide you to wardrobe choices that showcase the things that are fabulous about you.  That knowledge lets you shop strategically, dress effortlessly and feel confident about your appearance no matter your lifestyle, age, size or budget.

I believe it is the clothes’ responsibility to make you look good  -- not the other way around.  Each woman looks her personal best in clothes and accessories that have “points of connection” to her.  The more characteristics that exist in common between you and the things you wear, the more fabulous you will look. Your stuff will look more fabulous too, based on the design principle of repetition.

And things that connect with you will also connect with one another, right?  So you quickly develop more mix-and-match than you ever thought possible.  Shop less, spend less (or at least not any more) and feel great about how you look every day.

Then you can put wardrobe worries on the back burner where they belong, and march out the door every day with confidence to play your valuable role in the world – whatever that happens to be.  Welcome aboard!

Melissa’s Makeover

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Melissa’s too-long skirt, too-long sleeves and boxy shirt all dragged her look downward and the drab colors drained her. First we fitted the skirt properly, tucked in the shirt and pushed up the sleeves – an amazing difference in the same clothes.  The crisp contrast and shaped lines of the new pantsuit balance her color pattern and tastefully emphasize her shapely, youthful figure.  The same pant and shell get a casual but professional feeling with the sleek cardigan instead of the tailored jacket.  At work the next day, even her good friends walked right past and didn’t recognize her.

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Style Dilemma: How should I wear my new Infinity Scarf?

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Style Solution:  Try one of these easy techniques. An Infinity Scarf is essentially a tube of fabric.  Begin by folding the tube in half widthwise, creating a double-layer of fabric half the original width. Then fold again, creating a tube that is narrower yet. Drape the tube around your neck, hanging to the front (A).  Make a simple figure-8 twist in the hanging portion and bring it over your head to the back of your neck (B).  For a variation, lift the back section of one loop and drape it over your head as a hood (C).   Or bring…

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Style Dilemma: I have some great scarves … and no idea how to tie them.

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Here are ten easy-to-tie and easy-to-wear variations for you to try.  Scarves are absolutely magic in your wardrobe, creating focal points far away from figure challenges and linking surprising colors into fashionable combinations. You can read the directions below, or watch the video version if you prefer. Before you wear a new scarf — regardless of how you plan to tie it — start by carefully cutting off the tag.  You’ll look far more fashionable.

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Style Dilemma: How can I dress to look thinner?

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Style Solution:  It’s amazing the difference clothing and accessories can make in how slim and trim a woman looks.  Follow the easy tips listed below to peel off 10 … 15 … even 20 visual pounds – INSTANTLY!

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