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Welcome to "Strategic Style".  It’s different from most fashion blogs.  It doesn’t feature pictures of how great I look in the hottest new trends for the season. Although I sometimes use my own wardrobe as an example, this blog isn’t really about ME at all. It’s about YOU. It teaches how classic design principles can guide you to wardrobe choices that showcase the things that are fabulous about you.  That knowledge lets you shop strategically, dress effortlessly and feel confident about your appearance no matter your lifestyle, age, size or budget. (more…)

Calibrating Your Visual Message

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This video commentary about the wardrobes of female presidential candidates has lots of thought-provoking advice for the rest of us too.  Whether you’re running for office, making a business presentation,  leading a Sunday School discussion or PTA meeting, soliciting  good service from a store clerk or just hanging out with friends, I’m betting you want to be regarded with respect and have your input taken seriously in discussions. Designer Nina McLemore shared some tips with NBC News … and I have a few “Yes, but …” additions to the discussion

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Match Your Shoes Contest

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Posted in is kicking off a contest to make an outfit to coordinated with a pair of shoes.  After looking a about a zillion pairs of multi-colored, embellished shoes that I could coordinate with, I realized that I’m not a person who wears embellished, statement clothes. 

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Stay-Cool Summer Cardigans

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I’m not a big fan of summer clothes – or summer weather, for that matter.  But I still want to dress with style.   For mixing & matching in warm weather, I still prefer  an under-layer/over-layer top combo.    So I was thrilled to find these lightweight, open-knit cardigans at my new favorite store.  Made from breathable cellulose fibers and with lacy, open knit patterns to allow for air flow, these are cool and comfy summer layering options.

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Why Teal is So Terrific

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I’m sewing more these days, largely because the retail selection is so frustrating.  But the style lesson from the jacket I just made applies even for those who buy their clothes. It primarily an homage to  TEAL BLUE – the most universally flattering color range for the vast majority of women.

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Best Jean Jacket Ever

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You know I think most supposed “Must Have” items are bogus (white shirts, little black dresses, etc)  but a jean jacket does seem to be an “Everybody” piece — and one I loved on other people but could never find for my own wardrobe.  Not for lack of trying; I’ve bought several over the years but never found them flattering or comfortable and eventualy donated them to my favorite resale store.  Then I found this one …

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