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ASG programsApril 3 –  I've been raving about your presentation and my personal color appointment to anyone that I can grab and bend their ear.  I’ve gone through your book many times, but I still learned so much more.  After seeing the colors you selected for my palette, I went home,  looked through my closet and found many items that are close, but not quite "it".  That explains why I had a hard time wearing them or finding other things that worked well in combinations.  To say that I am excited about receiving my Color Fan is an understatement.   I have always purged my closet of ill fitting, unflattering clothing.  But now, with my fan, I can make the final cuts and pull it all together.

May 23 - What is the cost of an additional Color Fan?  Having sorted through my closet, this fan is very precious to me.  I would be distraught if it disappeared.

 Jan. 2 -  I was thinking of you today when getting dressed for a party. Choosing what to wear is no longer a guessing game of “what will work?“, but now it is “what do I feel like wearing?” since whatever I pull out goes together beautifully.  - Denise Stahl


"I'm the redhead from your draping example yesterday.  I typically wear black - thinking it took off a few pounds.  Since Saturday, I have tried  the warmer colors you suggested -- browns, golden greens, etc.  -- and had so many compliments on how nice I looked.  Before people said,” I love that shirt” or “I like your sweater”.  I realize now what wrong colors do...people see your clothes, not you. I‘ve been color analyzed several times and have been told different things every time, but now I can finally get it right. My closet is in dire need of organizing and purging...Thanks to you I am now more motivated to do it.

 The workshop was so informative.  You are a dynamic speaker and really make it fun.  I enjoyed learning and laughing.  Some of your lines have stayed in my head and I find myself chuckling when I think of them.  You make each participant feel like you are a new friend.  Your ability to make everyone feel as if you are talking directly to them is incredible. - Cecilia Hutchison


Thanks for a wonderful seminar. I'm a long-time fan of your book and DVD, and I still learned a lot.  So much so that now the information is driving me crazy.  I used to walk through the mall making mental alterations to the women strolling ahead of me.  Today I am doing nothing but stalking unsuspecting women evaluating their colors and styles.  Very Sad!

To make matters worse, instead of getting organized for my dinner party tonight, I keep slipping down to my massive stash (I am at the STABLE level---Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy!!).  My husband is amazed to see fabric flying out of my stash. He's on Ebay now to see how much he can recover by selling the yardage.  Three yards of gorgeous slinky jersy----gold in it---out!!!  And the pile rises!  

Now it’s back upstairs to throw this party, leaving my sewing room in shambles.  Thanks again for the great time. - Melody Gardner


I really enjoyed your presentation to the Jacksonville Chapter of ASG.  Do you have any idea what an excellent, warm and engaging public speaker you are?  You're sincere, seem interested mostly in teaching instead of peddling your wares, you're very, very entertaining, and certainly knowledgeable and talented.  No clothing catalog company should release a catalog until you've reviewed it!  Thank you for a great Saturday of learning.Mary Roog


From class evaluations at ASG National Conference --

 “Great sense of humor and very full of information."  Lots of good specific tips. Made more sense than all the myths I’ve learned in the past.”

 “Nancy is energized, fun, enthusiastic.  Makes you want to get home and “get it together”.

 “Enjoyed it all – especially the material on face shapes/structure, which I had never considered before. Fabulous visual aids.  Nancy’s humor and obvious expertise made it a great seminar.”

 “She approaches “problems” positively and encourages knowing yourself and using your best features as focal points.”

 “Nancy’s wealth of information and charming personality made a terrific presentation.  Wonderful ideas – great myth-busting.”

 “Nancy not only knows her material – she lives it!  Walking proof that these concepts work!”

 “This was the shortest 90 minutes of the convention.  Love her enthusiasm.  Just not nearly long enough.”

 “Nancy is the best in image consulting.  She was informative, humorous and helpful.  Her kindness to the class was exceptional.”

 “Good sense of humor, but didn’t let the class become just a stand-up comedy platform.  Important and helpful information everyone should learn.  Bring her back next year.”

 “Very good information that home sewers need.  Used audience member examples without any put-downs; very gentle, tactful, encouraging.”

 “I learned more about looking my best in these 2 hours than I’ve learned in the previous 20 years.”

 “Excellent session, wonderful format and clear organization; great energy.”

 “Excellent!  Nancy is a great teacher and a sincere promoter of each person as an important and worthwhile individual.”

 “ Excellent, excellent.  I enjoyed the seminar!!! Of all the sessions I attended hers had the liveliest audience – and the best jokes.”

 “My daughters and I learned lots of hints, and when we applied them, our appearance changed.  …budget sensitive, included many ideas that didn’t require a major cash outlay.”


  1. Ann on November 13, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed your program and I know that my daughters & granddaughters would have too. I will be rereading your new book with fresh eyes. I hope that you will be visiting our area again.

    • Nancy Nix Rice on November 13, 2015 at 10:42 pm

      Thanks for attending the event Ann. And great that you can see the value of the information fo women of all ages. Fashion changes, but a knowledge of these style principles lasts a lifetime.

  2. Louise on November 14, 2015 at 6:58 pm

    Thanks so much for giving such a dynamic informative presentation last Sunday. My biggest moment of enlightment was to discover that I was an “hourglass” and not the “rectangular” shape that I had assumed I was. That was a wonderful group exercise you had us do.
    I’ve experimented with some of my discarded items. Lo and behold, once I took them in at the waist (darts and/or side seams) and got rid of the boxy look, I found that I have gained some extremely wearable garments. Many many thanks Nancy!

    • Nancy Nix Rice on November 15, 2015 at 10:01 pm

      Louise – I’m so happy that you put Sunday’s workshop information to immediate use! There aren’t many things more fun than a bsatch of “new” clothes rescued from pieces you already had. Enjoy them!

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