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The Corpus Christi TX Chapter hosted Nancy and we had an outstanding turnout – 80 ladies!  Our chapter membership is around 130, so it was a very high turnout for us.  Nancy stayed over one day to do color consultations and she was so busy that she barely made her flight out at 5 pm. - Jean Gribi, President


We had Nancy here in the Akron, Ohio area.  Having just over 110 members, we had 67 that care how they look & attended Nancy's all day seminar. She shares soooo many tips with us, showing examples by having members come up on stage to be the models which was fun & great visuals for us.  Nancy talked about shoes, shapes, Spanx, shoulder pads, color placement, sewing, facial shapes, everything.

Several took advantage of a private consultation after to get their own colors & she also did mine the next AM (she stayed in our guest bedroom).  One of my NG leaders went with me to the next ASG conference & had Nancy do her colors there.  Everyone learned something & since her visit, I have heard many of the members have redone their closets or are wearing scarfs or necklaces that are in their colors.  I personally feel so much better & more the real me, while wearing the colors that Nancy has guided me towards.

Your ladies will learn bunches, be inspired & will probably go right home & shop their own closets.  It will be a fun day to have Nancy. - Jennifer Pevear, President, Akron/Canton, Ohio chapter


Hi Nancy, I just had to e-mail you to tell you what a wonderful time I am having creating my new wardrobe since the ASDP Conference in Portland.  I have made myself 10 pieces so far, mostly pants which I desperately needed.  I made a winter coat, dress, 3/tops, a wool lace jacket, and 4 pairs of pants.  They all mix and match so well using your system.   I still have a long way to go...more jackets and a few skirts, but I am so much more confident when I wear my outfits and get lots of compliments on looking good.  Thank you SO much for your help!  I don't know if you remember me, but I cannot just go out and buy good fitting clothes because I am quite large...a 6X on the bottom, so when I shopped the day after the conference at the Portland fabric stores, I bought nearly $1000 worth of beautiful fabrics that mix and match in my color palette!  You have been a God-send...both for my personal wardrobe, and also for my clients as I have more ways to help them make good choices!  Thanks you SO much! - Katherine Merkel - Katherine's Design & Alterations


Re: Northern Florida ASG - Nancy Nix-Rice Program

WOW----What a great day! I thought Nancy was great! I was expecting the same old "retail" image tricks, but she cut right through the hype & told it like it really is. Thanks to those who did all the detail- work to get her here.  - Ann C.

That was one of the best ASG events I've attended.  Although I have taken Nancy's classes in the past, I really needed a reminder for my current "wardrobe transition". We all realized that we needed to start sewing...and fast!  Maybe we'll have a stash swap in the near future...for all the "wrong" colors we've fallen in love with over the years! Best of all, I just enjoyed meeting so many new people and laughing throughout the day!  Sometimes I think a fashion-related event is just what we need to get our creative juices flowing. Ironically, my closet rod just broke...for the second time.  It's time to "weed"! - Catherine

Wonderful program! I learned a lot and I thought I already knew everything. I went on her website last night and found that if you didn't buy the book or take notes, all is not lost.
She information here to refresh our memories.   Thanks for a great program. - Suzanne Marks

I want to send a huge "Thank You" out to all who attended and participated in Nancy Nix-Rice's program on Saturday. The time seemed to fly by, but Nancy filled it with an abundance of useful information. I looked at my closet with a very critical eye last night and will be making some major adjustments in the coming days.Thank you to Rose Marie for bringing Nancy to our attention. On the drive back to her hotel, Nancy was very "up" about how the day had played out. She was pleased that everyone was so enthused and we were BOTH happy that we could all work together to bring such an informative program to our chapter.Marcy

Looking Good Seminar by Nancy Nix-Rice

Over a weekend in mid-September my local ASG chapter organized a day-long seminar with Nancy Nix-Rice, author of the Palmer/Pletsch book "Looking Good." Nancy is a fashion consultant with a pretty impressive resume and she is also a sewist who has owned and managed fabric stores. So she was especially welcome as a speaker to those of us who either make, or want to make, most of our clothes. She not only has a great eye for color, but talked a lot about the types of patterns to look for for different body types. 

As a speaker, Nancy is awesome. She's warm, funny and engaging and it was one of the few presentations I've been to that held my interest for the entire time. She literally had us in stitches with some of her anecdotes. She was incredibly patient answering questions and helping each of us pick out our best colors and identify our figure types. She encouraged us not to become fashion victims by falling into the typical trap of "must haves" the industry seems to promote each season. She talked extensively about wardrobe building strategies and how our hair, eye and skin tones determine our "color contrast" and how selecting necklines and jewelry based on our facial shape can really make a difference to one's overall appearance. She used us as models and examples of what just a bit of tweaking to a garment shape or color can do to improve the fit and look.

Nancy had her book, a workbook, jewelry and scarves galore for sale. I bought some beautiful scarves and her books, plus a gorgeous necklace and matching earrings. I'm one of those people who feels naked without a scarf or perfume so this was a happy day for me. I would hiighly recommend her book and if you can get Nancy to come to your ASG or sewing group to do a seminar it's well worth it because you'll have a marvelous time.

Re: Looking Good Seminar by Nancy Nix-Rice

I stumbled upon her booth when the ASG conference was in Nashville two years ago.   I purchased some scarves she chose for me --- ones I never would have picked out --- and I continue to get rave compliments when I wear them.   I need her as my personal shopper.

Re: Looking Good Seminar by Nancy Nix-Rice

Our sewing guild also brought Nancy in for a day-long seminar. She was excellent! She had a slew of topics to cover, such as body shapes (which guides clothing styles), face shapes (which guides hairstyle and necklines), hair/eye color (to chose clothing colors), and more. For each section, she would pull up someone from the audience as an example.  Through these activities, you learned from other people's situations and had a chance to get custom advice when you were in the front of the group. Also, during breaks, you could ask questions or get her advice.I learned so much. If you have a chance to check her out, either for an hour seminar or a daylong event, do it! The funny thing is, I was doing many, but not all, of the things she recommended.  But the tips I learned were worth the price of admission.  And to think I didn't really want to go to this event. I only did it to support my guild. But I learned more than I ever thought I would.

RE: ASG/G Street style seminar From: Helen De Roo

Greetings, Nancy! I have had an opportunity to chat with several people since the seminar.  Here are some of the comments: 

  • I have already started re-organizing my closet.
  • I'm re-arranging my stash and thread collection by color very helpful.
  • She has enabled me to look at myself and the patterns I choose in a totally different way.
  • I know that you only touched the tip of the iceberg, but the information was fascinating.  Thank you for a great day that allows us to self-evaluate.


Style Seminar follow-up

Nancy - Thank you for a fabulous day. The next day, I reassembled some wardrobe items and added one of my new scarves. I felt like a million dollars, and received many compliments. I am amazed at how much wear I will get from the scarves....they pull together and update wardrobe items I was ready to donate. I have new confidence in selecting patterns because I have a better understanding of my body shape and what will look nice on me. I am gearing up to finally cut into some lovely fabrics I have. Your seminar is priceless. Endless thanks!Maryanne Dillon

Nancy -  I had a great time Saturday at the Style School you held for the ASG inVirginia. I realized I didn't turn in my evaluation - I thought the presentation was very good and a big thing I walked away with is looking to solids rather than prints - I have a closet full of prints and nothing to wear.  I started sorting my closet and have some set aside to dye because I can tell they are too yellowy to be my colors. I have already gotten a few compliments, and I haven't made that many changes. Thanks.Amy Parra Morusiewicz

Hi Nancy -  I want to thank you for a great lecture at the ASG group in Falls Church,  Va.  You were fantastic!!!!   I have been reading your book and just about done and ready to re-read it; as you can see I totally love everything.I am anxiously awaiting my color swatches from when you did my colors so I can go out and get my material to build my wardrobe.  I have gone through some of my stash and given away the Light pink linen and a few others.  Oh well they went to a good cause.  Take care and have a great week.  Thanks Again!!!!!  - SueAnn Obremski


Style School

I was so impressed by your workshop yesterday at G St. Fabrics.  I expected to be bored and thought I would end up leaving very early.  You are such a knowledgeable, pleasant, friendly, approachable, and lovely person!  I was very surprised you were so down-to-earth and had such a great sense of humor.  It was lots of fun and I learned a great deal. Thank you.Melinda Pasupulati


RE: Newsletter

I was so excited to find your newsletter.  You had done my colors about two years ago in Madison, Wisconsin during your very helpful seminar for our sewing guild.  Just wanted to tell you how happy I am to be wearing colors that give me a spark.  It has truly made choosing clothing colors so much simpler and far less time consuming. I truly think there is no sense in sewing if what one makes doesn't flatter. - Carolyn Arnett