Sneaky Fix-It In a Bottle

The recent post about fixing marred leather goods with a felt marker got a ton of reader responses (almost as many as the item I posted last year about showing up at an event wearing my dress inside-out.)  Many of you had your own stories and tips to share.  A few days ago a reader approached me at a birthday party and shared this clever fix-it …

She  refurbishes older jewelry pieces and resale finds with – TADA! – metallic nail polish.  She’s even used satin black polish along with metallics to create striped and bezel effects.  I wasn’t adventurous to tackle any two-tone projects, but I did have a couple of aging favorite earrings I was ready to use for experiments.

The pair on the left had the matte silver outer-layer wearing away, exposing the brass underneath.  A quick coat of the matte silver polish I use on my toes in the summer, and they were good as new.  A rose-gold pair was irreparably tarnished, so I used the last drops of a sparkly silver to rejuvinate those (The one on the left is the “after” – I know  it still look rosy in the photo – but take my word for it. It’s really tough to photograph shiny finishes.)

Then I remembered the fabulous gold buttons (top one in the center photo below) I’d replaced with  mother-of-pearl (bottom one) on a resale store turquoise linen jacket last summer.

I don’t wear gold very often, but these buttons were so stunning I still had them on my dressing table just to look at and enjoy.  Until now, that is.  Can’t wait to find a project on which to use them in their new matte silver and rose gold identities.

There are lots of metallic polishes on the market you can try.   The specific matte silver I used is discontinued, the sparkly silver is Sally Hanson “Therapewter” and the rose gold is OPI “Worth a Pretty Penne”.


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  1. Carla on January 2, 2021 at 8:52 am

    Love this idea….I’m borrowing it!

    • Nancy Nix Rice on January 2, 2021 at 12:56 pm

      Would love to see pix of the transformation you create.

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