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I'm on a mission to make wardrobe development information more accessible in more ways to more women, regardless of their budget or location.  That's why I developed "A New You" - an on-going plan to revitalize or even re-invent the visible part of you in SMALL STEPS. Click on the link above to join the fun.

Every couple of weeks you'll get an email from me about one small topic in the wardrobe/appearance arena.  If that topic fits a need in your life, click through to the full lesson.  If not, just wait for next  topic.

Before you know it you'll be feeling more confident of looking like a million every time you walk out the door. And pretty soon you can have the effortlessly polished appearance you've always wanted, no matter your age, your weight, your busy schedule or your budget.

To maximize your success, consider recruiting a Transformation Team.  Forward this link to your sister, mom, daughter, coworkers and friends so you can implement the suggestions together and encourage and celebrate each other's success .




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