Nancy Nix-Rice Image Consulting
"Enter-training" programs
... for groups of all types.


Nancoffers entertaining and informative programs - ranging from 30 minutes to all day - for all types of audiences including women's professional groups,direct-sales teams, social organizations, conferences and American Sewing Guild chapters across the country.  

Her entertaining, uplifting  program format features live demonstrations, using volunteer “models” from the audience to show just how simple it is to feel great about how you look every day.

The program can be customized to your group’s time requirements, physical setting and lifestyle considerations.  Choose any of the topics from our Style School curriculum.

Read comments  from past audiences, then contact us for details and available dates.  

 Nancy Nix-Rice  -  #10 Birnawoods  -  St. Louis MO  -  63132  -  314-803-4445

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