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Research connects excessively casual business dress with declining productivity, decreased civility in the workplace … even an increase in sexual harassment incidents.


If you’ve had enough of low-rise jeans and see-through blouses, T-shirts and flip-flops, sneakers and Mickey Mouse ties ... or if you're just want to take your team's visual presentation to the next level, Nancy Nix-Rice can help.


The trend toward positive professinal appearance is growing:


·        The percentage of the Fortune 500 with casual dress standards has dropped from over 50% to under 10% (America’s Research Group Ltd.)


·         60% of managers thought employees in more business-like attire are likely to be taken more seriously (The Ladders executive search firm)


·        Even the NBA has instituted dress guidelines for players appearing in public.


  Of course in 2013 the old model – navy suit, white shirt, red tie – isn’t the right choice for every business occasion either. First Impressions training helps your team customize a visual image that communicates the right message for your company or firm, the specific department, job title and the activities of the business day.


Nancy can also help your organization write a focused, effective appearance policy or work individually with high-visibility, high-potential employees who need an appearance upgrade.


You can view a detailed  training outline, see amazing makeovers from recent training sessions, and read comments from managers and workshop participants.







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